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Proud to be Latinx: WKKF staff celebrate cultural strength


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The W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Latinx affinity group, RAÍCES, is proud to celebrate Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 to Oct. 15) by honoring the culture, pride and contributions of Latinx peoples – past, present and future – in the U.S. and throughout the diaspora. Staff across the foundation share their stories of pride in heritage, philanthropy rooted in history and family tradition, and how their identity strengthens their work with communities.

RAÍCES (rrah-EEs-ces)

“roots” – origin or cause

WKKF staff are invited to voluntarily participate in affinity groups, which are a big part of the foundation’s racial equity journey. The goal of these affinity groups is to promote and honor the wisdom, experience and histories of people of color, foster intercultural knowledge and offer opportunities for advancement through peer mentoring. Affinity groups play a critical role in the talent development of people of employees of color and helps the foundation grow in its commitment to racial equity – from the inside out.

Who We Are – Mi Gente

Listen to members of RAÍCES talk about their family heritage, how it shapes their identity and what it means for the work they do with the foundation – on behalf of children and families.

“I think absolutely I approach my work differently being a Latina. It means that I’m coming rooted with all those cultural norms and ways of thinking – about love and generosity, prioritizing people first – that are very much the roots of Latin cultures. It makes a difference when I’m connecting with many communities.”

"I still feel like I walk the world today covered in my grandparents' and parents' loving embrace. And still carrying around the expectations I used to see in their eyes. So that means I have to extend that ancestral love to my family and community.”

“I am thrilled to see the number of Latinx staff that have been onboarded. Mi gente (my people) is expanding, it’s wonderful…it’s thrilling. I feel like we have more of a voice and representation than we have had in years past.”


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