Reimagining Opportunities for Investment (ROI) in the South

The U.S. South is fastest growing region in the country. And one of the most overlooked opportunities within the investment industry. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has been making investments in the region for decades. And we’ve learned that to make equitable investments in the South, you first must understand the region and all of its beautiful complexities.  

Reimagining Opportunities for Investments (ROI) in the South was created to engage and inform an array of influential investors to examine leading investment opportunities in this unique region. To this end, WKKF-convened a cohort of diverse investors – representing more than $100 billion in investable assets – to address racial inequity and build long-term community wealth in the U.S. South. Explore their journey of coming together to mobilize a sustainable investment ecosystem for undercapitalized communities of color in the American South.

View the videos and stories to learn from influential leaders – in the philanthropic, for-profit, media and investment sectors – who know what it takes to build partnerships in the region and make investments that are not extractive, but rather build on the region’s many resources and increase opportunities for those who live there. is published by the W.K Kellogg Foundation.