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10 Cents a Meal Program supports students and farmers in Michigan

10 Cents a Meal For Michigan’s Kids & Farms, a state-funded program, helps improve childhood nutrition and incentivize local farming economies. It provides 10 cents per meal to Michigan’s schools and early childhood education centers to purchase and serve Michigan-grown fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Empowering families and communities with a clean slate

Access to quality education, a good-paying job and a safe place to live are essential elements needed for families and children to thrive. Unfortunately for some, a criminal record stands as a barrier to pursuing them.

Latinx giving: shaped by collective prosperity

Listen to members of W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Latinx affinity group, RAÍCES, share their inspiration for giving, shaped by family and community love and generosity. It’s this cultural upbringing that fuels and informs their passion for driving philanthropic investments to Latinx and other communities of color.

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