Racial Equity

Unity in diversity: Honoring the rich legacy and contributions of AAPI communities


Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, observed every May in the United States, is a time dedicated to recognizing the contributions and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to the history, culture, and achievements in the United States. The designation of this month’s observance is not only a celebration but also a crucial reminder of the diverse and dynamic roles that individuals from these communities have played in shaping the nation. AAPI communities’ impact is deeply embedded in the fabric of American society.

Throughout history, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have faced significant challenges, including discrimination and exclusion. By dedicating a month to the study and celebration of AAPI history, we promote awareness and understanding, which are vital in combating ignorance and prejudice. As America continues to evolve as a diverse society, recognizing and appreciating the unique contributions of all its people, including the AAPI community, is essential for fostering a truly inclusive society where everyone’s heritage and contributions are valued.

Take some time this month to read the stories of our AAPI partners across the work of the Kellogg Foundation and revisit this video from our President and CEO on the importance of supporting our AAPI communities.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month on Every Child Thrives


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