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SOCAP 2023: Greater impact through future-readiness in investments and philanthropy


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Every year, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation partners with SOCAP Global, whose platform convenes social entrepreneurs, investors, and foundation and nonprofit leaders to strengthen the practice of impact investing for a more equitable economy. Founded in 2008, SOCAP draws over 5,000 attendees to its annual flagship event. Over the years, SOCAP has witnessed an increase in both the number of impact investors and the flow of capital. Several WKKF staff were proud to join SOCAP23, along with scores of grantees and partners, and to spur conversations on racial equity and inclusivity through participation, including two panels, a workshop, and a social entrepreneur pitch session. One WKKF staffer, Susie Lee, a PRI officer on the Mission Driven Investments team, has attended all 16 SOCAPs and was interviewed by the organization this year.

For one panel, 2033: Harnessing Foresight-Driven Impact to Shape the Decade Ahead, WKKF partnered with the Institute for the Future (IFTF) and the Youth Law Center (YLC) to discuss how participatory foresight allows leaders to build the future we collectively want and need. Check out the session and hear WKKF Vice Presidents Carla Thompson Payton and Alandra Washington, along with Marina Gorbis (IFTF) and Jennifer Rodriguez (YLC) discuss how applying a future-ready lens to investments and philanthropy can illuminate pathways to greater impact – and expand our perception of what’s possible.

“Foresight is not about prediction; it’s about planning for the opportunities ahead, and so… we recognize that the crisis of today doesn’t necessarily block an opportunity tomorrow.”

Carla Thompson Payton, vice president for program strategy, WKKF

From left to right, Jennifer Rodriguez (YLC), Alanda Washington (WKKF), and Carla Thompson Payton (WKKF).

“Our future-ready journey has been a game-changer for the Kellogg Foundation; it’s really shifted our mindset, and it’s shifted the culture of the organization.”

Alandra Washington, vice president for transformation and organizational effectiveness, WKKF

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