Racial Equity

Evaluation in service of racial equity can unleash power, voice and presence


Doing Evaluation in Service of Racial Equity

Practice guides that show how to incorporate racial equity as a core value into evaluation.

"When evaluation is practiced in service of racial equity, it can render power to the powerless, offer voice to the silenced and give presence to those treated as invisible."

Are you an evaluator, grantmaker or nonprofit practitioner looking to integrate racial equity in your evaluation, measurement and learning?

Explore Doing Evaluation in Service of Racial Equity, a transformational series of guides, commissioned by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and written by Community Science, that shares how-to knowledge for advancing racial equity through evaluation.  

Watch the three-part webinar series below to hear from a diverse cadre of distinguished evaluators and social justice advocates who offer practical ways to embrace racial equity principles in your everyday evaluation.

Webinar Session One:

Use a systems lens & check your biases

What You'll Learn

  • Operationalizing a systems lens to inform a theory of change
  • Explore racial and ethnic disparities embedded in institutions, relationships, policies and practices
  • Key takeaways: Tools to sharpen a systems lens and expose biases in evaluation design and implementation

Webinar Session Two:

What do “community” and “community engagement” mean in evaluation?

What you'll learn

  • The purpose of community engagement and how to do it
  • Examine real life examples of how community engagement has evolved in the evaluation field
  • Key takeaways: A framework and systematic process for understanding communities

Webinar Session Three:

Explore mental models about evaluation that get in the way

What you'll learn

  • Learn common myths about evaluation that can be barriers to racial equity
  • Understand the norms, practices and mental models that get in the way
  • Key takeaways: An assessment tool to uncover the underlying myths in institutional policies, practices and procedures

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