Racial Equity

After the National Day of Racial Healing, take action on solidarity


In Brief

We celebrated the 7th National Day of Racial Healing this week with millions of others across the country. While a major milestone moment, racial healing is not limited to a single moment in time. 

Each of us – with our families, friends, neighbors, co-workers and communities – can show up 365 days a year to act on a commitment to racial healing. Perhaps you participated in an event, watched the town hall on MSNBC or Telemundo or discovered new resources.

But what’s next? What are some ways you can take action to advance racial healing throughout the year? Engaging with the Solidarity Council on Racial Equity (SCoRE) is a great way to start!

Through SCoRE, the Kellogg Foundation works in partnership with global change leaders in advocacy, the arts, business, education, faith and media. Each of these changemakers stands at the forefront of equity in the public arena, and each is celebrated in their professional sphere. SCoRE members draw people toward collaboration in pursuit of healing, racial progress and transformation. They work individually and collaboratively, and stand collectively – inspiring others to dismantle systemic injustice. They demonstrate throughout the year ways each one of us has a role in this effort.

Why This Matters

We live in a world that continues to favor some human beings over others – one that advances opportunities for a few at the expense of too many.

In this moment, although many hunger for unity, no one voice has the power or reach to draw all people together in support of healing and equity. SCoRE was formed for this exact reason – to inspire more people to experience what we can do when we see ourselves in each other.

The Opportunity

Now is your chance to engage, share your own story and stand in solidarity with others seeking to create a better world for children and communities. 

SCoRE members invite you to connect in various ways: 



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