Racial Equity

Lom Nava Love reminds families of the power they possess


If you haven’t met Mama Shirley, you should. Shirley Foulks is a community organizer who works with impoverished families living in Cherry Hill’s public housing through The Journey Project. This project engages families in culturally relevant ways to support children’s learning and experiences in and out of school.

Lom Nava Love is the unflinching story of Black families in Cherry Hill, Baltimore. Cherry Hill is one of the city’s most segregated and disinvested communities. Directed by Youth Resiliency Institute co-founder Fanon Hill, Lom Nava Love follows Mama Shirley Foulks as she uses cross-generational art to communicate the abilities, strengths and power Black families innately possess.

This power cannot be stolen by segregation, poverty or institutional structures, but can be used to restore culture and freedom. This power is love.

Learn more about Lom Nava Love and how you can book a showing by visiting Youth Resiliency Institute’s website.


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