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Early Childhood Education in New Mexico

Discover how New Mexico’s resilient families and communities are overcoming incredible challenges to change lives and lead the nation in early childhood education. Watch the short film.

“This is where the foundation of all learning begins. 90% of their brain development is happening here in these really formative years.”

Debra, VP of Early Childhood Education

Youth Development, Inc. (YDI)

When Entire Communities Come Together,

every child thrives

Across New Mexico, dedicated people and community organizations work together in interconnected harmony to support the optimum well-being and happiness of every child in the most critical stages of their young lives.

New Mexico

Recent Early Learning Milestones

July 2020

New Mexico legislature establishes early childhood and care department (ECECD)

July 2021

The ECECD receives its first $20 million distribution from the Early Childhood Trust Fund

May 2022

New Mexico expands free childcare program, benefitting 30,000+ families statewide

November 2022

New Mexico becomes first state to create a permanent fund for early childhood education

July 2023

New Mexico families will continue to be eligible for free child care moving forward

2023 & Beyond

New Mexico is just getting started

9,386 Children

served monthly
with state supported
child care assistance

For every educator and community member making a difference in New Mexico’s early learning environments, we know there are thousands more Changemakers transforming the lives of children and families all over the nation. Download our Gratitude Toolkit to recognize a deserving Changemaker in your community!

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