Racial Equity

Data to drive meaningful change


In response to the events of 2020 and the pandemic, the U.S. philanthropic sector shifted focus to racial equity, investing $16.8 billion in 78,133 grants by October 2023.

In her insightful blog post, Huilan Krenn, WKKF director of learning and impact, explores the pivotal role of data in measuring impact and advancing racial equity. Embracing shared demographic data collection, with the participation of both funders and nonprofits, offers a more comprehensive understanding of the nonprofit landscape and can drive lasting change toward racial equity. It is an opportunity for collective action to foster understanding, create a just and inclusive society, and ultimately advance the philanthropic sector’s commitment to meaningful racial equity. Easing the burden on nonprofits, funders can and should encourage grantseekers to share their demographic profiles on Candid – for shared use among funders and ongoing data evaluation.

Dive deeper into the challenges and opportunities of shared demographic data collection and its potential to drive meaningful change. Don’t miss out on this compelling read – check out the full Candid blog post for valuable insights and inspiration to advance racial equity in philanthropy.

Minda Corso
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