Early childhood education: The backbone of Mississippi’s economy – #Care2Educate


In Brief

Organizations across Mississippi are striving to create a high-quality early childhood care and education system that is accessible and affordable to all families. Meanwhile, childcare workers and educators often make less than fast food workers, despite needing higher education to offer high-quality experiences. Closing the gaps requires concerted and coordinated effort from educators, administrators, advocates, state agencies and the business community.

Why This Matters

Early childhood care and education are the backbone of our economy. Quality educational and care opportunities enable parents to participate fully in the workforce while feeling assured that their children are well cared for and being prepared for life.  Early childhood education also prepares tomorrow’s workforce and sets the stage for future academic and career success. Quality educational experiences provide a nurturing and stimulating environment. Essential skills like communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, empathy and cooperation are boosted. These are social, emotional and intellectual tools children utilize throughout their lives. What children learn during their early years matters, as 3- and 4-year-olds will be our workforce in just 15 years.

The Opportunity

The childcare industry is in crisis across the country. To learn more about efforts in Mississippi to value children, families and educators, visit our community partners:


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