Why child care matters for all of us

Image courtesy of Community Change Action.

On Monday, May 8, thousands of child care providers, parents and families across the country participated in Community Change Action’s A Day Without Child Care. In its third year, some child care providers, with the support of the families they serve, shut their doors or called out of work to draw attention to a crisis – families lacking equitable access to affordable child care, while child care providers struggle to access better pay and working conditions.

Omar Marquez, the host of the “And How Are the Children?” podcast, recorded an episode exploring why child care matters for all of us. Speaking with business owners, educators, and parents as they prepared for A Day Without Child Care, the episode features Community Change “Childcare Changemakers” and early childhood educators from Texas, California, Ohio and New Mexico, including:

Care comes in lots of forms and happens in lots of spaces. To learn more, check out the following resources:


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