Tips from a Teenpreneur

Gabrielle Goodwin, CEO of GaBBy Bows, behind a table with the hair barrette accessories and showing her book.

Rozalynn Goodwin and her 12-year old daughter, Gabrielle known as “Gabby”, founded a company called GaBBY Bows. They have gained international attention for creating the first of its kind, double faced, double snap barrette hair accessory. 

This video highlights how Gabby and her mother made their business idea a reality.  Rozalynn says it all began with a simple Twitter rant, her pastor’s gentle nudging and what felt like a record number of lost hair barrettes. 

With the success of the company, Gabby now goes to trade shows, manages inventory and attends speaking engagements in her community – all while maintaining straight A’s in school. In 2018, Black Enterprise named Gabby their Teenpreneur of the Year.

Most recently, Gabby and her mother launched the Mommy and Me Entrepreneurship Academy which gives parents and children the opportunity to work collaboratively towards entrepreneurship through microfranchising the GaBBY Bows business. Each “Girl Boss” who participates in the entrepreneurship program receives GaBBY Bows to sell, monthly entrepreneurship trainings and daily access to mentoring in a private online community. 

Learn more about Gabby and her hair accessories, visit GaBBY Bows.


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