Racial Equity

Reflections on Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month: Toward a future where every child thrives


The W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Latinx affinity group, RAÍCES, is proud to celebrate Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 to Oct. 15) by honoring the culture, pride and contributions of Latinx peoples – past, present and future – in the U.S. and throughout the diaspora. Staff across the foundation share their stories of pride in heritage, philanthropy rooted in history and family tradition, and how their identity strengthens their work with communities.

RAÍCES (rrah-EEs-ces)

“roots” – something that is an origin or source; an underlying support; close relationship with an environment; the part by which an object is attached to something else.

WKKF staff are invited to voluntarily participate in affinity groups, which are a big part of the foundation’s racial equity journey. The goal of these affinity groups is to promote and honor the wisdom, experience and histories of people of color; foster intercultural knowledge; and offer opportunities for advancement through peer mentoring. Affinity groups play a critical role in the talent development of people of employees of color and helps the foundation grow in its commitment to racial equity – from the inside out.

Orgullo Latine (Latinx Pride)

We are renewed and strengthened by the stories our colleagues have shared as part of our four-part Raíces series. Whether we see ourselves and our families in the stories of new immigrants to this land, or our ancestors thrived on this continent long before colonial invasion, let us celebrate the collective joy and beauty across the Latinx diaspora on a daily basis—and not only from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. 

Listen to RAÍCES members talk about cultural pride and family heritage, how it shapes their identity and what it means for the work they do with the foundation – on behalf of children and families. 

“We’re a big part of this country, and often it does feel like we get erased in certain spaces. I feel an incredible responsibility and privilege to be at a foundation and influence the resources that go to Latinx communities.”

“I think it’s huge for my Latinx colleagues who are working with grantees and community. It’s important for grantees to see people that look like them and understand what they are working for.”

“Just imagine growing up in a place, then working for an organization where you literally have the agency, to some degree, to make decisions on putting money back into your community. How awesome is that?”

The Work Ahead

As Latinx leaders in philanthropy, we need to keep fighting against anti-Blackness and the erasure of our Indigenous heritage and ancestry within our families and communities. As we work to create equitable systems, institutions and organizations to serve us all, we must also dismantle structural racism in all its forms. And as Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, we are left with critical reflections about the pressing work needed in philanthropy. 

As a sector, we need to be intentional and strategic in directly funding and supporting organizations and movements led by Latinx leaders, identifying and championing those who serve their communities to build cross-racial solidarity and pursue racial equity, healing and justice. Connecting authentically and working thoughtfully with partners and community needs to be a priority, and we need to elevate and support Black and Indigenous Latinx leaders in philanthropy. 

Let us demonstrate our deep love for community through our words and deeds to build solidarity within and across our communities so all children and families can thrive.

“When you win, I feel like I’m winning too.” – Javon Dobbs, communications manager


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