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New Orleans says ‘yes’ to early childhood education


On Saturday, April 30, 2022, voters in New Orleans resoundingly approved a property tax increase that is expected to add $21 million annually for early childhood education in the city.

The revenue generated by the tax will fund an additional 1,000 early childhood education seats for New Orleans children.

The following articles highlight a few of our New Orleans partners who work tirelessly to increase access, quality, and teacher compensation in early learning.

Louisiana’s economic growth anchored in early childhood education

“Perhaps no project stands a better chance of moving the needle in favor of Louisiana’s social and economic status.” – Start Strong: The Case for Priority Investment in Louisiana...

Models of excellence in New Orleans: Early childhood education centers

With many early childhood education centers in New Orleans focusing on both families and children, many are also known for nurturing high-achieving children.

Louisiana makes early learning a top priority

For the past decade, Louisiana has been at the forefront of showing what happens when early childhood education is funded at previously unseen levels. Two of the biggest champions...

New Orleans sees results with early childhood education

Deirdre Johnson Burel, WKKF senior program officer, shares the power of community partnerships and Louisiana’s early childhood education system.

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