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Mackie Brothers are the real heroes with their investment in youth


The Mackie brothers continue to be real life heroes, giving back to their hometown of New Orleans.

With support from WKKF, Calvin Mackie, Ph.D., founder and CEO of STEM NOLA, is reviving an abandoned 227-acre site to create a STEM education center, a hotel, water park, amusement park, sports complex and a warehouse and distribution center. The goal is to not only trigger an economic revival for New Orleans but to educate, train and connect youth to STEM skills and careers. The center is scheduled to open in 2024.

And as reported by several media, including WAFB-TV Mackie’s brother, actor Anthony Mackie, is opening a film production company near the STEM NOLA, called East Studios. The actor, best known for his role as Falcon, or the new Captain America, in the Marvel cinematic universe, is a graduate of New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. The studio will include several aspects of the entertainment industry, helping to boost the state’s film and television industry.

“Think of STEM as Captain America’s new indestructible, vibranium shield. It can help tackle life’s toughest foes, like racism, poverty and discrimination. They are no match for it. STEM is the doorway to the future, the superhero providing careers, family security and neighborhood stability. The best part is students don’t have to live in a cinematic verse to experience it, just study hard, learn STEM and it can create pathways forward.”

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