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In this year-long community-led project, join us virtually as we explore issues of racial equity and inspire action on issues such as early childhood education and creating an equitable economy.

A breast-feeding friendly city
is a baby-friendly city

Economic dignity:
A vision for New Orleans

Lactation consultants -
a labor of love

Early learning teachers –
the bridge to a brighter future

Food fuels generations

Coming October 2021

The Black and Brown male

Coming November 2021

Milk banks – how community
generosity can save babies’ lives

Coming December 2021

An intergenerational movement
toward equity

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A Breastfeeding-Friendly City is A Baby-Friendly City

Register below for "A Breastfeeding-Friendly City is A Baby-Friendly City," a virtual event about breastfeeding and maternal health in New Orleans.

Join us virtually during National Breastfeeding Month as we explore the importance of breastfeeding, maternal health in communities of color and building an equitable future for mothers and families to thrive. The event is part of I am New Orleans, a year-long, community-led effort to stimulate conversation and action around issues of racial equity to help create a child-centered city.

Moderated by Meshawn Tarver, doula/senior program manager of maternal and child health at Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies, panelists include:

  • Taeshaun Walters, Lactation Counselor and Parent Educator at WE PLAY
  • Victoria Williams, NolaBreastfeeding Center/BirthMark Doulas
  • Chantell Reed, New Orleans Health Department
  • Dr. Tara Morse, OB-GYN at Crescent City Physicians, Inc., a subsidiary of Touro Infirmary