“We have to strengthen our work in our AAPI communities,” says La June Montgomery Tabron, WKKF’s president and CEO. “In order to do that, we have to learn about our AAPI communities.”

One way that WKKF does this is through Rangoli, WKKF’s Asian American & Pacific Islander affinity group. Affinity groups are formed by WKKF staff who share a racial or ethnic identity to promote cultural knowledge and social understanding, offer leadership development and opportunities for advancement through peer mentoring and foster community participation.

AAPI Heritage Month – otherwise known as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month – occurs each May. It’s an opportunity to honor the deep histories and cultures within AAPI communities, and to celebrate the community’s resilience, perseverance and joy.

Throughout May on Every Child Thrives, staff from WKKF have shared their reflections on leaders from AAPI communities, while also reflecting on powerful work to advance racial healing, equity and justice.

Take a look at pieces from AAPI month, and join us in celebrating our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month on Every Child Thrives


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