Dental Therapist Spotlight: Angela Johnson

Dental Therapist Spotlight: Angela Johnson


Angela Johnson always wanted her profession to be community centered. After being introduced to dental therapy by a friend, she found that she had a real connection to the provider and the idea that dental therapy is focused on developing trust and rapport, being involved in the community and focusing on new techniques involving minimally invasive dentistry.

Through her dental therapy education, Angela says she learned a great deal about herself as a person, became stronger and made lasting friendships.

As a dental therapist at the Lummi Dental Clinic, there’s a lot she enjoys, but what she loves most is hearing her patients’ stories.  Angela also says that being able to perform some of the procedures that alleviate pain for her patients is incredibly rewarding.

Angela often takes her work as a dental therapist out into the community – traveling to schools weekly to perform exams and administer sealants and fillings and attending other programs and events throughout the week.

Beyond patient care itself, it’s incredibly rewarding for Angela Johnson when she hears that youth in the community are aspiring to a career path in dentistry because of her example.

“For Want of a Dentist: The Rise of the Dental Therapy Movement in Tribal Nations and the U.S., Lessons from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation”

The e-book is available for download in PDF and EPUB formts.

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and WKKF is featuring  several practicing, community dental therapists and sharing how they are creating jobs, reaching underserved communities, providing cost-effective care, increasing access through innovation and making a difference. Follow for updates and check out WKKF’s dental therapy e-resource guide for information.

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