Racial Equity

Beyond my mask


Healing with a Groove 2.0 (HWG) is a partnership with the DMI Mobile Lab of Delta State University to promote racial healing among youth. DMI Mobile Lab program has served more than 4,000 students in the Mississippi Delta through this program. The majority of these youth are from underserved communities and families, with limited resources for exposure to music or digital media education. Healing with a Groove is funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to develop sustainability by establishing an alumni network in Delta communities, and by providing a multimedia toolkit as a resource to local HWG groups.

Within each program group, 10 young people engage in safe dialogue sessions around topics related to race, identity and community. They build on the ideas generated in the sessions to create original songs and audio recordings. The DMI Mobile Music Lab and Fighting Okra Recording Studios at Delta State University provide instruction, professional studios and equipment.

This music video, “Beyond My Mask”, was developed I Challenge You, a HWG partner in Greenville, MS. This song’s goal is to share youth voices and encourage communities to look beyond the masks of stereotypes and gain an understanding of one another. The music track was created and mixed by Audri Johnson. The video was edited by Vicious Vic.


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