More than $522,000 in federal grant funds has been awarded to Michigan economic growth organization Battle Creek Unlimited (BCU), a W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) grantee and nonprofit helping new and growing companies build and sustain economic opportunities in southwest Michigan. These funds will support the development of a food startup program, the Future Food Accelerator, and a venture capital fund, the Food and Beverage Investors Network.

The Future Food Accelerator will support fast-growing food and beverage businesses located in or relocating to the area. By connecting research and development facilities, local universities, and industry experts, the program expands the potential and quality of development, growth and information-sharing. The Food and Beverage Investors Network will increase BCU’s capacity to vet, validate, and make critical seed and angel investments in compelling West Michigan innovation-based, early-stage, high-growth food manufacturing companies.

The innovation program and venture capital fund arise from a partnership between BCU, WKKF, Michigan State University, Kellogg Community College, Kellogg Company, JPG Resources and other local organizations. This collaboration will ensure that as Battle Creek moves into the future, it remains a leader and a hub for food innovation.

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