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All Asian Americans deserve access to culturally competent mental health care. The Asian American Federation (AAF) recently released the first-ever Asian Mental Health Directory that helps Asian New Yorkers find mental health care access providers who speak their language and understand Asian cultures.

Established in 1989, AAF seeks to raise the influence and well-being of the Asian American community through research, policy advocacy, public awareness and nonprofit support. This directory helps individuals and families find a provider to fit their needs, whether that means counseling, education or another form of mental well-being support.

The Asian Mental Health Directory features hundreds of providers who speak more than 17 Asian languages and can be sorted by specialty, services, location within New York City, language, payments accepted, client ages and provider gender(s).

Why This Matters

The Asian American community is the fastest-growing population in the country and has experienced ongoing systemic discrimination and violence. In 2020, a national survey of adults found that the mental health needs of Asian Americans spiked amid a rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and pandemic-related bias. Asian American kids, families and communities deserve to thrive; mental health is critical to making that happen.

However, there is a shortage of linguistically and culturally competent mental health services using evidence-based methods for Asian communities. The Asian Mental Health Directory is a valuable first step toward helping Asian American communities access mental health care tailored to their needs.


  • Asian American Federation Research – AAF has produced a variety of research reports highlighting the needs of Asian American communities to support advocacy for policy changes and to tell the story of communities. Publications cover various topics, including employment, poverty, the senior population, small business, city government funding and mental health services.
  • Anti-Asian Bias Reporting Form – The spread of the coronavirus has led to a rise in anti-Asian sentiment and actions. AAF tracks bias incidents in the New York area to better advocate for the safety of the Asian American community and strengthens the response to these crimes.

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