Heather McGhee response to prejudiced caller. Picture with Heather McGhee that reads "We are the most multiracial, multiethnic, wealthy democracy in the world. How do I get over my fears and prejudices?"
Racial Equity

A caller said he was prejudiced. This was Heather McGhee’s response.


“I’m a white male. And I’m prejudiced.”

Heather C. McGhee, senior fellow and former president of Demos, braced herself. She was a guest on C-SPAN, when a viewer named Garry called into the show.

In McGhee’s words, written in a New York Times op-ed, “It took my breath away. [ ] As a black leader often in the media, I have withstood my share of racist rants, so I braced myself. But what I heard was fear — of black people and the crime he sees on the news — not anger.”

What can I do to change? To be a better American?


Heather’s response quickly went viral — take a look.


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